Mexedrone Trip Report

90mg mexedrone from UKRC (huge a debt of gratitude is in order for the specimen) measured after a fast alergy test. White shinny shards are smashed to fine powder effortlessly and isolated two lines. Eaten 3 hours prior and drank 250ml RdBull a hour back. 0:00 Railed both. Not awful on nose. Harms marginally. 0:03 … Continue reading “Mexedrone Trip Report”

90mg mexedrone from UKRC (huge a debt of gratitude is in order for the specimen) measured after a fast alergy test. White shinny shards are smashed to fine powder effortlessly and isolated two lines. Eaten 3 hours prior and drank 250ml RdBull a hour back.

0:00 Railed both. Not awful on nose. Harms marginally.

0:03 min. Beginning to feel something? Definitely, truly.

0:05 Expanding heart rate. Truly quick and noticable.

0:08 Surge increments alongside heart rate. Awful news, hands are sweat-soaked. As of now?

0:10 Surge, heart rate increment and happiness moreover. Playing a few tunes, let me perceive how the music on it cuz I can fondle the come seriously…

0:11 Trickle with some sore however not all that awful. Difficult to accept.

0:12 Feel high-like, something around there however not precisely. This is not an ordinary CNS stimulant which

Im extremely acquainted with like mpa or eph.

0:14 Trickle and sore keeps, getting somewhat cruel.

0:18 To be completely forthright, cant feel wether there is music gratefulness or not? marginally I can state.

0:20 Hands get to be distinctly ordinary however trunk weight a bit. Low level of rapture.

0:22 Began to think its underdosed. Possibly require a promoter? (inclination to redose)

0:23 First alarms seemed speedy after ingestion and increment quick inside minutes and stop.

0:25 Tend to smoke cigarette. Some grimy moodlift.

0:27 Surge appears blurring yet moodlift keeps its reality. Glad and fast considerations.

0:30 Simply checked eyes, slight understudy widening.

0:31 Horny minutes, music is great. Tend to move.

0:32 May have likewise SERT action?

0:35 Its going. Inclination to redose.

0:55 Blurs.

1:10 Feel like I’m on gauge once more. (inclination to redose sneakingly 🙂

1:20 Perhaps it’s the pattern.

Beneficial outcomes: Moodlift, minimal hornyness(less than mpa or MDxx), great surge, slight euphoria(less than MDxx), slight body incitement, no lingering stim.

Negative Impacts: Expanded heart rate, slight understudy enlargement, sweat-soaked body (esp. hands).

General Audit

90mg Mexedrone railed and it came up truly snappy, sweat-soaked and in surge. This ascent proceeded around 5-10 minutes. It’s more recreational than mpa/3fpm and doesnt appear fuctional. Span of the excursion was generally short. As indicated by me, 90mg may insufficient to achieve the phenomenal outcomes and I’m certain its something great regarding recreational esteem. Despite the fact that my examination was confident when you take a gander at late RC stim scene, I feel disillusioned right now however dunno why. Is it crash/descended? Perhaps elevated standards… Never attempted Meph and have no clue about how much its like that folks. Too bad.

Trust it’s useful up until this point. Don’t hesitate to ask anything mates, while am drawing my next line. (grin sneakingly 🙂


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